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What is the Reporting Period fos DISP1 Ann1R?

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Q: What is the Reporting Period for DISP1 Ann1R?

A: Reporting periods for DISP are determined by each firm’s accounting reference date and are to be made twice each year, with the deadline for submission set as 30 business days from the end of the relevant period. The submission deadline will be detailed within your firm’s GABRIEL reporting schedule online.

For some firms, however, reporting periods cover a 12 month period (e.g. for Credit unions covered in the Credit Unions sourcebook ‘CRED’ where the period runs from 1 April to 31 March), which need only be submitted to the FCA once a year and via paper return rather than Gabriel submission. In this instance, credit unions will have one month after the reporting period end date in which to submit their paper returns.

Should a firm breach this reporting requirement and fail to respond by the deadline, an administration fee of £250, or other action, may be taken against the firm.

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