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CRD IV: Liquidity Update 2015

CRD IV Update: Liquidity Coverage Requirement (LCR)

20 July 2015

The PRA has today issued a Supervisory Statement (SS 29/15) covering Interim Liquidity Coverage Requirement (LCR) Reporting under CRD IV.

Firms are expected to report their Liquidity Coverage Requirement positions in accordance with this Supervisory Statement so that the PRA is able to monitor a firm’s compliance with the LCR and their liquidity resilience from the effective date of 1st October 2015 and before the introduction of the new LCR return following adoption by the EC.

Last month (8th June 2015), also saw the PRA issue a Policy Statement entitled CRD IV: Liquidity (PS 11/15) that sets out the PRA’s final rules and supervisory statement on accommodating the European Commission’s delegated act with regard to the liquidity coverage requirement for credit institutions such as:

The PRA also provided feedback to the Consultation Paper on the same topic resulting in revisions to some of the regulator’s proposals, such as:

The PRA’s Supervisory Statement (SS 24/15) also from 8th June 2015  sets out the regulator’s approach to supervising liquidity and funding risks and covers the PRA’s expectations in relation to:

The majority of the PRA’s rules and supervisory statement  on Liquidity Coverage Requirement (LCR) Reporting under CRD IV take effect from 1st October 2015.

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